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We are FRP Tank manufacturers and supplier of water storage tank.All FRP tanks are filament wound for extra strength and are designed to meet ASTMD 3299 for hydrostatic Loads.

Typical applications include storage of water (Portable and Non-Portable),waste water,agricultural etc.


  • • Light weight - easy to install and shipment than tanks made of other MOC.
  • • Our tanks Provide a permanent solution to under ground water storage needs.
  • • Corrosion-Resistante-will not corrode or breakdown like other products utilized to hold liquids. This eliminates the possibility of leakage due to internal or external rustings.
  • • FRP water storage tanks provide leak-free storage for long time and hence dose not allow the water to get contaminated.
  • • Trouble free performance and easy maintenance.
  • • We even customize our products as per the needs of our customers.
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