1. We were the first vendors registered with M/s Uhde GMBH, Mumbai in the year 1973-74 (now known as thyssen Krupp Industrial Solutions India Private Limited) and were associated with following projects under their Consultancy:

• Caustic Chlorine Plant (Mercury Cell) - project of M/s Travancore Cochin Chemicals Limited,Udhyogmandal,Kerala.
• Piping system for the projects of M/s Gujarat Alkalies & Chemicals Limited-expansion 1 & 2 as well as their other ancillary projects.
• Caustic Chlorine Plant of M/s Ashok Paper Mills.
• Membranes Cell Project & Expansion-1 of M/s Punjab Alkalies & Chemicals Limited.
• FRP-HT (Alpolit) piping work of M/s IPCL, Dahej (now it has been taken over by M/s Reliance Industrial Limited)

2. We had in the year 1988 carried out FRP Piping And Fittings for Pilot Fuel Gas Desulfurization Plant for Trombay Unit 5 of The Tata Power Company Limited. The Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai were the consultant for this project. The size of the piping was 1000 dia and around 1.2 KM length. The piping was installed from RCC Scrubber to Aeration Process which was situated at Bay of Sea.

3. We have Manufactured one of The Asia's Largest single piece FRP/GRP tank of dia 6.4 mtrs x 9.6 mtrs height HAVING Capacity 310 m3 with bottom slop of 150 mm to M/s BASF, Dahej Project through consultants "M/s Toyo Engineering India Private Limited."

4. We are one of the suppliers who can design FRP Equipment as per ASME-RTP-1-2011.

5. Have supplied Pressure tubes of size 2", 8", 10" having pressure rating 2500 psi to M/s ION Exchange, M/s Doshi ION Exchange,M/s Thermax.
6. M/s Thai Organic Chemicals Company Limited, Thailand- Consultants M/s Humphreys & Glasgow - 12 tanks of capacity 100 m3 each with filament wound technology Machine Made.

7. We have manufactured filament would tank upto 4400 dia x 10 mtr. Height at our shop @150m3.

8. In 1982,the Government of India initiated the Plasma Physics Programme (PPP) for research on magnetically confined high temperature plasma.The PPP envolved into the autonomous Institute for Plasma Research under the Department of Science and Technology in 1986.This is one of the most elusive of scientific field i.e. fusion energy. This institution is mainly funded by Department of Atomic energy. Our Company is very proud of being associated with Institute for Plasma Research as one of the suppliers of FRP Buckling Cylinder to TOKAMAK "ADITYA" PROJECT in the year 1986-87 under the Scientific team and the consultants-M/s TCS. Special technology was used to fabricate/manufacture the Cylinder to achieve required technical parameters. There were 5-6 countries mission to provide consultancy on plasma application. This is related to nuclear energy and plasma temperature to deal out to ultimately produce electricity from sea water.

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