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Dakle Reinforced Plastic Manufactured storage tanks / vessels in various capacities from 100 ltrs to 4,00,000 ltrs. Generally tanks up to 1,50,000 ltrs are made at our factory by filament wound technology machine made as we are pioneer of filament wound technology introduce first time in India. And higher capacities up to 400 m3 can be fabricated at site.

We also offer complete accessories like, ladder, railing, float and board type level indicators etc. As per the customers specification and technology.

Dakle has its full fledged designing facilities for its complete range of Tanks and Vessels :


  • • Vertical cylindrical with conical top and flat bottom.
  • • Horizontal cylindrical with dish end (with or without saddle support)
  • • Vertical cylindrical with dish top and flat bottom.
  • • Vertical cylindrical with flat top and conical bottom.
  • • Vertical cylindrical with top and bottom dish.
  • • Vertical cylindrical with top dish & conical bottom.
  • • Rectangular tank, mixer - settler with closed or open top.

We have manufactured one of the ASIA'S largest FRP / GRP tank of diameter - 6.4mtrs and height 9.6mtrs with bottom slop of 150mm in single piece.

MOC :-

Tanks & Vessels can be manufactured in the following materials of construction :

FRP / GRP using various grades of resin like - Isophthalic (Polyester), Vinylester, Bishphenol,Epoxy, Phenolic, furane etc.

Dual Laminates likes PP + FRP, PVC + FRP, PVDF + FRP, FEP + FRP, PFA + FRP, ECTFE + FRP, TFM + FRP etc.

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