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FRP Pipe & Fittings Manufacturer

These are FRP Pipe and Fittings Manufacturer as per DIN / ASTM / ASME / AWWA / BS is Standards. Pipes and fittings can be manufactured upto 3.5 m dia. and to withstand a maximum pressure of 16 bar. These pipes and fittings are Suitable for a range of applications for water, chemicals and effluents, seawater, etc.

GRP (FRP) pipes and fittings normally utilize grades of resins (Polyesters, Vinylesters, Epoxy, Furanes, Phenolics). The pipes and fittings can also be supplied with Thermoplastic liners (PP, PP-H, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, ECTFE, FEP, PFA & FRP Composite). The pipes and fittings are normally fabricated by contact molding and filament winding as per DIN,BS,PS-15-69, AWWA 950 C, ASTM-D.

  • • Supplied with fire-retardant additives to reduce flame spread - Class-I.
  • • Supplied with special conductive layer inside.
  • • Outside layer provided with pigment color as per the requirements with UV - Protected.
  • • Suitable for using highly corrosive chemicals at maximum temperature up to 120 C.

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