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Dakle manufactures Reaction / Agitator vessels of different sizes and shapes as per the customers requirements, Ranging from 200 ltrs to 50,000 ltrs capacity with conical dish or flat bottom and top. We also supply these equipments with complete stirring assembly stirrers are fabricated out of CS/SS materials and lined with plastic materials as per service condition.

We manufactured with special technology of filament wound machine made to ensure the mechanical strength of equipment and long life.

MOC :-

Reaction / Agitator vessels can be manufactured in the following materials of construction :

FRP using various grades of resin like Isophthalic (polyester), vinylester,Epoxy, phenolic, Furane, Bishphenol etc.

Dual Laminates likes PP + FRP, PVC + FRP, PVDF + FRP, FEP + FRP, PFA + FRP, ECTFE + FRP, TFM + FRP etc.

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